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Ceroc Holidays

Looking to get active while still having lots of fun? Work up a sweat as you learn to Ceroc in a variety of great locations. More than just a holiday - on a Club Dance Ceroc holiday you will get a fantastic blend of dance, music and destination. 

Club Dance Ceroc Holidays offer more than just a holiday, you’ll get a fantastic blend of dance and music as well as some unforgettable memories to take home afterwards. Embrace the opportunity to learn, taste, explore and make new friends, all while indulging in your favourite activity – dancing!

From the French ‘c’est le roc’ or ‘this is rock’, Ceroc combines the best of swing, jive and salsa, with simpler, fun and easy footwork. An accessible dance for beginners, once our professionally trained Ceroc teachers take you through the basics, the rest is sure to follow easily. And with over 500 moves, there’s plenty to learn even for the most advanced dancers.

One of the most fun and flirty dance styles around, Ceroc is good for all ages, as it is great exercise but can be as low-key or energetic as you wish. Whether you’re a beginner, a dance whizz who wants to learn a different style or a good all-rounder, we’ll work at your level, helping you to gain experience at your own pace. You’ll be happy to know it promises hours of fun whether you're just starting out or have been dancing for years.

Staying at a number of locations, you can enjoy as much or as little of your surroundings as you wish. As well as a programme of dance classes, there are places to visit and nights out to be had in the local surroundings. You can explore the local area or, if you feel the need for a break, sit back and relax in between your fancy footwork.

Events are scheduled all year round so you can enjoy your dance holiday come rain or shine wherever you choose to go, be it at home or abroad.

You will be taught by some of the top teachers from around the world including some of the dance world’s best loved faces, from competition winners to TV stars and festival organisers. Most importantly, they’re chosen to be as friendly and as passionate about dance as you are.

Whether you’re travelling with your partner, a group of friends, or by yourself, our teachers take the time to match you with a suitable dance partner to fit with your pace and experience. We always ensure a good gender mix so you can make the most of the experience and learn to dance in a perfect pairing.

Ceroc Blaze goes to Huelva / South Spain 21/05/2023 - 28/05/2023

Ceroc Blaze 2023 in our brandnew destination - Huelva in the beautiful South of Spain **BLAZE ALWAYS HAS LIMITED PLACES**  


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Ceroc Med Fest 17/09/2023 - 24/09/2023


The now legendary Ceroc Medfest 2021 takes the nationwide Ceroc community again to Calpe, Spain for a non-stop dance explosion in the sun, offering fantastic, high energy workshops and unforgettable parties during the day and at night.

*SINGLE TRAVELLING LADIES*  BOOKINGS NOW ON A WAITING LIST - this is to keep the gender balance in place **Sole occupancy rooms sold out! Please contact us for room sharing options or to be placed on the waiting list. ?



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