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5 dance styles that every Ceroc dancer should try - Read More24/01/2023

Firstly, what is Ceroc? Well, Ceroc is actually a style of teaching partner dancing skills, rather than a dance style in its own right. Moves and techniques are borrowed from a wide variety of dance forms such as Jive, Ballroom, Latin American, Tango, Salsa, West Coast Swing, Zouk…. you get the idea! So, it makes sense for Ceroc dancers to give some of these other dances a try to gain a wider knowledge and depth of understanding of the moves that they know and love so well! So, let’s get to our top 5 dance styles…

The comeback year that was 2022 - Read More30/12/2022

With the turn of the year upon us we take a moment to look back at our highlights for 2022

Christmas gift ideas for the dancer in your life - Read More06/12/2022

The Big Day is getting closer! Is your wife / husband / bestie / secret Santa a dancer, and you have no clue what to buy them? Fear not! We are here to help with our top 10 gift ideas for your twinkle toed comrade, from stocking fillers to the main gift!

International Men’s Day 19th November 2022 - Read More18/11/2022

Let’s talk about men’s mental health and how dance might be able to help

Morzine in March - Read More02/11/2022

Why Morzine should be on your radar for a late season ski trip!

Getting back to dancing again, what you may want to consider - Read More13/05/2021

The last 12+ months has been a barren social dancing scene to say the least, and for obvious reasons. Optimism however is now in sight on the horizon. The combination of over half the UK population having received at least their first vaccine dose, and the government’s roadmap out of restrictions has us salivating to hit the dance floors again soon.

8 gift ideas to get a dancer this Christmas - Read More18/12/2020

Last minute Christmas chopping can be frustrating process, especially if you don't know what to buy them! We can help here with any of your friends or family who dance.

Dance on lockdown: try online dance classes while no one can see you. - Read More30/11/2020

We’re all looking for ways to keep us occupied and entertained during lockdown, right guys? And dancing is one of the best!

5 Reasons Why Men Should Learn How to Dance - Read More11/11/2020

We could think of 100 good reasons, but have narrowed it down to 5 ;)

Our 3 top Zumba® classes and why - Read More30/10/2020

With 10 different classes available in the Zumba® catalogue, we go through our top 3

Ballroom dancing - it's not all competitive! - Read More07/10/2020

The differences between competitive and social ballroom dancing

Why Berlin is considered the ‘European Capital of Tango’ - Read More17/09/2020

"Germany, and especially Berlin, play an important role in the most recent history of tango."

Five Reasons Why a Dance Break Can Improve Your Dancing - Read More24/06/2020

Whether you are a seasoned dancer with an interest in tango, ballet or jive or a novice dancer who enjoys weekly Zumba classes and would like to learn new skills, a dance break is a fantastic way to improve your dancing.

Covid-19: How Has the Pandemic Affected the Travel Industry - Read More12/05/2020

Covid-19 has impacted almost every aspect of our lives. Some industries are affected more than others with the travel and tourism sector set to be one of the worst hit by the spread

Dance your way through the slopes of Portes du Soleil. - Read More01/04/2020

Located in the heart of the Alps, Ski Jive Morzine is the ultimate holiday to get involved in skiing and dancing whilst having fun in the middle of the scenic Portes du Soleil. Hosted by the wonderful Debbie Attwood from Ceroc, this getaway brings the skis and the dance shoes together.

Zumba® - your introduction to the worldwide dance/fitness craze - Read More29/01/2020

Revolutionising conventional aerobics training to become a world-wide phenomenon.

We love Berlin and so will you. Why to visit the unique capital of tango in Europe! - Read More07/01/2020

Looking to dance through one of the most beautiful and historically significant cities in Europe? Not only can you enjoy the biggest and best tango scene anywhere outside of Argentina, but witness the sites and soak up the culture while wearing your dancing shoes.

Dancing through trauma - Read More08/03/2018

How dancing has helped people deal with trauma.

Kizomba - Read More28/02/2018

Is it really the "sexiest dance ever"?

Zumba: The dance of choice for exercise - Read More07/02/2018

See why people keep choosing Zumba as the dance of choice to keep fit

New Year, New Honour - Read More05/01/2018

Former professional dancer and Strictly Come Dancing judge, Darcey Bussell, is named a Dame in Queen's New Year Honours List

A unique Christmas gift idea - Read More22/12/2017

With Christmas fast approaching and you're struggling for gift ideas, why not treat your loved ones to dance classes.

History of Dance - Read More08/12/2017

Dancing is something that is part of our life. When we exercise, when we party, in ceremonies. It's found in all cultures around the world, and it's been around for so long that we don't even think about it. But when did we first start to dance?

Strictly Winner back for Children in Need 2017 - Read More10/11/2017

Thrill The World - Read More27/10/2017

On Saturday, for Halloween weekend, join this successful record breaking global community project to dance Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Best Dance Films - Read More13/10/2017

With the London Film Festival coming to a close, and final screenings of the new documentary Our Last Tango, which was released at the end of last month in cinemas, we thought we would take a moment to look at some of the best films about dance.

Dancing and dementia - Read More02/08/2017

Dancing can play a part in reducing the risk of dementia

Don't forget your shoes. - Read More22/06/2017

To some it may seem trivial and just trying to be fashionable on the dance floor, but having the right pair of shoes not only makes you look better but can enhance your performance and foot comfort.

Spring is here! - Read More31/03/2017

The day is getting longer, the skies are becoming brighter and bluer, the air is getting warmer, and the clock has moved one hour forward. It can only mean one thing... Spring is finally here!

Protest with Dance - Read More18/07/2016

Argentines are protesting in Buenos Aires over energy prices. But rather than the usual marches of demonstrations with shouting and placards, Argentines are protesting by dancing the Tango. Let’s take a look at how dance can and has been used as a form of protest.

Men. We Need You! - Read More06/07/2016

Where are you, men of the world? We need you. Lots of women are waiting around for a partner and there is none. We need you to come with us and dance!

Can-Can to Euro 2016 - Read More10/06/2016

Yes, football is taking over our world from tonight as England, Wales and Northern Ireland are in France to fight to be the champions of Europe. And to kick it all off, there will be a can-can dance performance for the opening game tonight.

How to Ask Someone to Dance - Read More31/05/2016

Sometimes asking someone to dance can be one of the most frightening things in the world. So much depends on the response. If the person you are inviting to whirl around the ballroom floor says 'no', then you may be downcast for the rest of the evening. Here are a few tips to help you in your bid for a positive response.

Is Zumba™ Good Exercise? - Read More25/05/2016

What we want to know is, as well as being hugely popular, is Zumba™ good for weight loss? Can you really dance your way to a new you?

Viva L'Espana - Read More18/05/2016

Yes, we are celebrating the glory that is Spain, as last week the country was rated as having the world's best beaches.

Modern & Country Line Dancing - Did you know the Difference? - Read More13/05/2016

Yes, there is a difference. While many people associate line dancing with images of country music, and all things Wild Western, there is actually a huge difference, and it doesn't end with just the Stetson.

The Obama's love of dance - Read More06/05/2016

The Obama's will take any chance they get to dance, and the latest has seen them dancing with Star Wars Stormtroopers at the White House. Club Dance Holidays takes a look back at America's First Family and their obsession with dancing.

Double Grand Slam Holidays in April! - Read More04/05/2016

Two successful dancing holidays completed last month – one in Paphos, the other in Calpe - back to back, with amazing numbers of people who've signed up to repeat next year!

International Dance Day - Read More29/04/2016

Today is International Dance Day, a time to celebrate and promote all the beautiful amazing forms of dance around the world

Cross Body v Cuban Salsa - What is the difference? - Read More26/04/2016

How many of you know the difference? Or even aware that there was one? As there is many forms of Salsa it's a recurring question that people ask. So here we delve into the world of Salsa to find out exactly what the difference is.

Music and Salsa - Read More01/04/2016

We all know that without music there is no dance. Music is the beating heart of all dance forms, but with salsa it goes deeper intertwined with history and culture. Take a look at how music, Cuban culture and Salsa and Afro-Cuban dance are all connected.

Happy Easter Weekend! - Read More24/03/2016

Happy Easter everyone. Yes, the time of bunnies, eggs and our favourite treat - chocolates. But of course, let us not forget it's a religious holiday too. But that doesn't stop us from dancing to celebrate… Unless you are in Germany that is!

Cuba: If it's cool for Obama, it's cool for Us! - Read More22/03/2016

And Mick Jagger too...

Malta - Read More11/03/2016

One of Europe's best kept secrets

Celebrate Women's Day this week - Read More10/03/2016

Mother's Day - Dancing with Mum - Read More04/03/2016

This Sunday is Mother's Day in the UK, a time to shower your mum with love and gifts, and appreciate how much you care about them. Most of the time we would send a card or flowers, but maybe it would be nicer to do something really special and take your mum for a dance.

Paphos - European Capital of Culture 2017 - Read More01/03/2016

"Steeped in ancient mythology, there’s no more evocative place to soak up the... sun than Cyprus’s richly romantic harbour town" - Fiona Hardcastle And no wonder Paphos has this allure. Set in Southern Cyprus, with over 300 days of sunshine, and the warm blue waters of the south eastern Mediterranean Sea, Paphos has been a popular destination since the days of Antiquity.

Happy Leap Day! - Read More25/02/2016

It's a special year, 2016, is. We have one extra day in the year, which only comes around every 4 years, on February 29th. But what is so special about the Leap year and why do we have it?

Line Dancing with Maggie G - Read More15/02/2016

Read this lovely review by a couple who went on a Line Dancing holiday with Club Dance

Dancing for Love - Read More12/02/2016

Its Valentine's Day this Sunday. For those who have someone, congratulations and wish you a happy Valentine's. But have you thought about what you will do for Valentine's?

Dance away the Blues - Read More09/02/2016

Feeling the blues? Stressed with life? Well, we may have the answer to brush those blues away and bring a smile and sunshine back to you.

The Importance of Being Early - Read More03/02/2016

We've all heard the saying before, "Early Bird catches the worm", and there is a reason why it's such a popular saying, especially in the travel industry. Well... simply because it is true. Yet people forget to book early. Here is why it's good for you to now become that early bird.

Burn Those Calories - Read More29/01/2016

Dancing is not only a social activity, but is a fantastic way to burn calories, build strength and flexibility. Each style of dance vary in how much calories you can burn, but whatever dance you do – be it Tango, Zumba, Salsa, Ceroc, Swing or Line dancing – they all do the same job in keeping your body in top tip shape.

Tango - There are no mistakes - Read More28/01/2016

"No mistakes in the tango Donna. Not like life. Simple. That’s what makes the Tango so great." - Al Pacino, Scent of a Woman

Two Birds, One Ski - Read More22/01/2016

Skiing and jive - two activities not normally associated with each other. Unless you're Club Dance Holidays, who have combined the two activities to bring a fantastic winter vacation. Club Dance has been running a Ski Jive holiday for a few years. Since then it’s been growing ever since. And for good reason...

Calpe - the 'Northern Rock' - Read More22/01/2016

A popular destination for many holidaymakers, and Club Dance hosts many dancing holidays in this southern Spanish resort. But what do we know about Calpe itself?

"Treats Not Tricks..." - A review by Dancing Times - Read More19/01/2016

Our friend Lee Knights over at Dancing Times went to one of our Salsa Weekends to one of our holiday for the December 2015 print issue. Read Lee's review on our holiday:

Cuba - The Best Destination! - Read More12/01/2016

Cuba has it all - sun, sand, salsa, history and fine rum. It is no wonder that Cuba has always captured the imagination of many, and frankly is no surprise that Cuba was voted 2015 Destination of the Year by Travel + Leisure.

Shimmy with Zumba - Read More07/01/2016

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome back. Hope you all had an enjoyable festive season.

Berlin - Not only the capital of 'Cool' - Read More18/12/2015

Berlin, the so called capital of 'cool', techno, clubbing and start-ups, is also, unexpectedly the European hub of Tango. In fact, not only is it the European centre for Tango, Berlin is considered the best metropolis for Tango after Buenos Aires!

2016 Is The Year for You To Shake Up Your Life - Read More17/12/2015

It's that time of year again, a new New Years resolution - quit smoking, more exercise, less chocolates, drinking etc. We've all been there. But rather than trying to quit something (albeit we should try to quit smoking, and have a healthier lifestyle), why not treat ourselves to something... more positive.

Alternatives to the Gym - Read More22/05/2014

We're not knocking the gym but, for those who struggle to get motivated when surrounded by an intimidating room full of Medieval torture style machines and ripped Arnie lookalikes, we look at the alternatives....

The Good Foods That Aren't So Good.... - Read More17/04/2014

Right! So we've already told you about the "bad" foods that are actually good for you in our previous blog (click here to read),(link but now we shed some light on the good foods that actually may not be so good! So here's a few tips to ensure you're not fooled into buying a load of unhealthy "healthy" products.

Pregnancy and Pilates - Read More04/04/2014

We love how pregnant actress Olivia Wilde is making time to fit in some regular Pilates. She's keen to stay fit and healthy and it's clearly working as she's been spotted by paparazzi leaving the classes regularly looking rather toned and trimmed!

Beach Workouts: Why Sand is a Good Prop - Read More31/03/2014

Dare I mention beaches and sunshine as it pours down with rain outside. But all in good time ... Rain or sun, a beach workout is definitely one to try. Here are some of the benefits on working out along the sandy shore...

How to Avoid Dance Injuries - Read More25/03/2014

The feeling of pain after a workout is brilliant. But there is a difference in the good pain and the pain caused by an injured area sustained through a workout or dance. Be it a sprained ankle or a strained muscle, the time taken to recover can vary and there’s nothing more frustrating than waiting on being able to dance again.

The bad foods you can eat - Read More14/03/2014

We’re always being told what’s good for us and what’s bad for us.. Did you know the bad stuff, the things shunned upon like carbs and dairy, we need it, and as long as you feed yourself in moderation, it’s not actually a bad thing! Here are some cravings that you can give in to.

Enjoy a cup of tea with Club Dance Holidays - Read More07/03/2014

You are invited to enjoy a cup of tea with Club Dance Holidays. Unlike most other businesses who push their customers to use the web more, we love talking to ours and have our lovely chatty ladies Gayle and Christina here especially for that reason. We’re still in with the modern day technology with emails, and our live chat on the website, but there’s nothing like a good chat with a nice hot cup of tea.

Destination Cuba: Go Now Before it Changes - Read More28/02/2014

Famous for its beaches, architecture, climate and distinct history, along with its rum and cigars, Cuba has been a popular topic in the news recently with its increase in tourism, including well known stars taking time out to visit the Island. Cuba is still one of the top destinations on many people’s ‘places to visit’ list and is one of the Holiday Hotspots for 2014 recommended by The Guardian.

What to eat after a workout - Read More21/02/2014

We’ve already given you some of the top tips on foods that can boost your fitness performance in our January newsletter and now we’re sharing our top tips on what to eat after your workout.

How to Attract Your Next Dance Partner - Read More14/02/2014

Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Here are a few tips on how to attract your next dance partner (especially for those planning on stepping out later for a bit of Valentine’s Day dancing......)

Cuban Fury - Real Men Dance - Read More07/02/2014

We’re excited to see Cuban Fury out next week on Friday 14 February. Although not actually filmed in Cuba, the British comedy is set in the midst of the salsa scene

Learn a New Skill for 2014 - Read More31/01/2014

Keeping fit and weight loss are usually the most popular resolutions people make. If dancing is your thing and you’ve already mastered one dance style, there are so many more you can learn! From Salsa to Bollywood, Jive to Flamenco, dancing is a great and enjoyable way to keep fit and lose weight.

Jive: Back in time to the 1940s - Read More24/01/2014

An energetic dance style and probably one of the fastest of Latin dances, we go back in time to experience the beginning of Jive...

Top Packing Tips for your 2014 Holiday - Read More17/01/2014

As much as we love the thought of going away, there is one thing that we hate, and that’s packing. There’s so much to think about and so little time to actually spend doing it. What’s my baggage allowance? How much liquid can I actually take in my hand luggage? Is my small suitcase classified as hand luggage? And then there’s the actual packing. What do I take? Is it too much?

Planning your 2014 Holiday - Read More10/01/2014

You spent hours preparing the perfect Christmas dinner for your family and friends, cleaning up the house, last minute grocery shopping and running to the shops on Christmas Eve to find a gift for a friend who mentioned they may pop over for Christmas. And then there’s the experience of being trampled amongst shoppers on Boxing Day while you search for the right outfit to strut your stuff in for your New Years Eve party. It sure has been a busy few weeks!

Famous Exports of Austria - Read More03/01/2014

Austria is one of Europe's favourite ski destinations and it's no secret that the country offers some of northern Europe's best slopes as well as fabulous apres-ski, stunning scenery and hearty cuisine. But Schnitzel and Strudel are not the country's only famous exports. We look at Austria's world-famous figures...

Best Dance Destinations - Read More23/12/2013

With the growing number of dance styles, and their sub-genres created through various social and cultural influences, it is easy to forget where the dances originated. Here are some of the best destinations where some of the most popular dance styles were born or developed:

Keeping Calm for the Festive Season - Read More20/12/2013

It’s that time of year as we count down to Christmas and the festive celebrations that come with it, along with the never ending list of things to do; buying and wrapping the presents, cooking, cleaning... It can prove to be stressful and cause strain to your mind and body.

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Dance - Read More29/11/2013

There are many advantages of dancing, social, physical and physiological all which will help have a positive impact to your life. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should jump off that couch and onto the dance floor:

Fitness in the Future - Read More22/11/2013

Fitness and the way people attempt to lose weight and keep healthy is constantly changing to fit in with today’s modern lifestyles. Here are some quirky yet realistic insights into the fitness in the future ...

The Other Dances That Live On - Read More01/11/2013

Dance has always played an important role on music and in music videos. There are so many dance styles that we know today that have lived on through these music videos from the past, with more being produced today. I don’t mean Jazz, Ballet or Jive. I mean the YMCA, the Macarena, the Oops Upside Your Head, and John Travolta’s disco moves in Saturday Night Fever which popularized disco music and dance all over the world.

Dancing on the Screen - Read More25/10/2013

Dance has always been popular within the media with old classic films such as Dirty Dancing, Singin’ in the Rain and Saturday Night Fever.

Girls’ Weekend - Read More11/10/2013

You’re planning a girls’ weekend and you’ve all agreed on doing something different, yet fun. Despite the many options of things to do and places to go for a girls weekend, you’ve been there, done that and you’re out of ideas.

The benefits of dance - Read More04/10/2013

We all love to dance but most of us do it behind closed doors.

MedFest - a DJ's Perspective - Read More13/09/2013

This week we delve into the archives to look back at former MedFest DJ Rob Ambridge's MedFest experience way back in 2008, when the holiday still took place in Lloret de Mar.....

Strictly Come Dancing 2013 - Read More06/09/2013

Strictly Come Dancing cha-cha-chas back into your Saturday nights this weekend, offering a glitter and glamour to us all at home! What do you think of the line up?

Salsa: The Music - Read More23/08/2013

Dance has little meaning without music so we delve deeper into the term "Salsa" and the music attributed to it.

Six Things You Didn't Know About Marrakech - Read More16/08/2013

Mystical, magical, atmospheric, fragrant, noisy, colourful....just a few of the adjectives that spring to mind when someone mentions Marrakech. Most people associate bustling souks, hearty tagines, mint tea and the hectic Djemaa el Fna square with this sultry Middle Eastern city but Morocco's favourite city break destination offers much more. Read on to discover six things you didn't know about Marrakech....

Tango Holidays - Read More26/07/2013

This week Guest Blogger and tango taxi dancer Stuart Scott blogs about his experience on some of our tango weekends and holidays...

Tango and Tapas - Read More19/07/2013

Located in Andalusia in the south of Spain,Granada is a magical city with a combination of elegant, chic society and a Bohemian subculture. Its breathtaking vistas, Moorish ambiance and the dreamlike beauty of The Alhambra Palace make it one of our favourite Spanish cities.

Guest Blog: Some Days Are Better by Don Baarns - Read More16/07/2013

Don Baarns, AKA the Unlikely Salsero, is a US based salsa teacher renowned for his regular blogs on teaching, technique, musicality and more and has kindly agreed to lend us some of his wisdom. This week: Some Days Are Better, a look at the frustrations we experience when learning to dance and how to persevere.

Hidden Cuba - Read More05/07/2013

Dancing Salsa in Havana is often our main agenda when we visit Cuba but there is so much more to the Caribbean's largest island and we recommend taking time out to explore her hidden treasures on your next visit.

Tango in Berlin - Read More28/06/2013

We've just returned from a weekend of tango in Berlin and can safely say that the German city deserves its unofficial title as "European Capital of Tango".

Lead & Follow - Read More24/06/2013

The term "Girl Power", as coined by the Spice Girls in the early '90s, can be applied to most areas of life these days, with women enjoying equality and independence to make Ginger Spice proud. However, in partner dancing, two dancers are sometimes not equal. One becomes the Lead and the other the Follower.

Destination Dance - Read More14/06/2013

Dance is our first passion but we can't forget all the wonderful places dance takes us; travel definitely comes a close second and this week we're blogging about our favourite dance holiday destinations.

Dance in the Movies - Read More07/06/2013

Hollywood and dance have long been perfect partners and we look at our top ten dance-themed movies (in no particular order).....

The SWING Phenomenon! - Read More31/05/2013

Swing dancing and music has had a recent and very popular revival. There are classes all over the nation, from the US to Sweden and Germany along with festivals drawing huge crowds each year.

Icons of Dance - Read More17/05/2013

Over the decades there have been many inspirational icons of the dance world, all of whom have made a massive impact in their field and often penetrated the mainstream world of music and television. We celebrate our Top Ten.

A to Z of dance - Read More10/05/2013

Dance your way through the alphabet with our A to Z of dance....

Friendship and Dance - Read More29/04/2013

We recently spent a lovely line dance week in the sunny Algarve with Maggie G and apart from the first class teaching, fabulous parties, great weather and good food, what struck us most about the week was the friendliness of the group.

Dancing: Have you thought about it? - Read More22/04/2013

One of our members of staff has just started Salsa classes and thought They would share their experience for anyone who is thinking of starting to dance out there...........!

Single and Ready to Mingle - Read More12/04/2013

We recently delved into the world of the singles club, having recognised a growing singles contingent on some of our holidays. We're not surprised that singles choose to take a dance holiday; like-minded people, socialising and learning, often in exotic locations, is a great combination and what better to break the ice than have a dance?

Salsa in the City - Read More05/04/2013

Salsa has no cultural boundaries and is enjoyed by people of all ages, all over the world. For those who want to broaden their salsa horizons and inject some international flavour, we look at our Top Ten Salsa Cities in the world.

Celebrity Zumba - Read More29/03/2013

Zumba is quite possibly the biggest dance / fitness phenomenon the world has ever seen. More than 14 million people of all shapes, sizes and ages take weekly Zumba classes in over 140,000 locations across more than 150 countries. Of course, where there's a trend there's a celeb. From A List to Z list, celebrities have been jumping on the Zumba bandwagon since it bega, their involvement often contributing to its popularity. Jennifer Lopez and Kirstie Alley are known to take Zumba classes as part of their workout routines, while even Jackie Chan has been caught on video while performing the exercises.

You Are What You Eat - Read More22/03/2013

Much is made of the health and fitness benefits of dance and hand in hand with this goes diet; healthy eating is vital for dancers who want to perform well and all dancers need a combination of healthy, wholesome food which also maximises energy.

Move It! The Future... - Read More15/03/2013

We decided to brave the hysteria and venture to teen favourite Move It! last week. One of the best known dance exhibitions for young people, held annually at London's Olympia, Move It! customers are not exactly our target market. But we believe they are the future of dance. We were impressed by the infectious enthusiasm and raw talent of the hundreds of young people who descend on this show every year to perform, bag the latest designer dance wear and Be Seen amongst a growing cutting-edge fashion crowd.

Dance Around the World - Read More08/03/2013

The art of dance comes from all corners of the world and many of the styles we dance today are amalgamations of influences from three or four countries. Dance is constantly evolving as new groups discover new styles and add their unique stamp. We look at the origins of some of our favourite global styles.

Dance Etiquette - Read More01/03/2013

Dancing is a very sociable past time but, as every dancer will know, it also requires a great deal of trust and respect amongst fellow dancers. There is unspoken etiquette on every floor, some of which may can only be learned through trial and error. We've put together a basic Beginners Guide to Dance Etiquette to help you avoid any dance floor gaffes.

The Art of Belly Dancing - Read More15/02/2013

There's a whole lot more to belly dancing than just learning the moves. This ancient art form requires emotional expression, musical interpretation and stage presentation in order to maximise its beauty. "Belly dance" is a Western-coined name for a "traditional West Asian" dance including elements of raqs sharqi and is sometimes also referred to as Arabic dance or Middle Eastern dance. The term "belly dance" is a translation of the French "danse du ventre" which was applied to the dance in the Victorian era. It is perhaps a misleading moniker as in fact every part of the body is involved in the dance; the most featured body part is usually the hips. Belly dance takes many different forms depending on the country and region, both in costume and dance style, and new styles have evolved in the West as its popularity has spread globally.

Yoga: Mind, Body and Soul - Read More07/02/2013

We've just launched a brand new range of fitness and wellbeing holidays as a natural extension of our dance programme, with dance-fitness workouts like Zumba and Masala Bhangra bridging the gap. Yoga shares many of the same health benefits as dance, promoting flexibility, suppleness, general wellbeing and relaxation for mind, body and soul. What's more, yoga and dance are naturally complimenting each other there is even a movement, "Shakti Dance" combining the two!

Dancing Feet - Read More23/01/2013

As dancers we all know how important comfort is when moving around the floor and whether you're a salsero or tanguero, a ballroom dancer or kizombeiro, you will need a pair of great-fitting and great-looking shoes to bring out the best in your dance. With a proliferation of choice, finding the perfect shoes for you can be a minefield. These handy tips should help you to separate the stylish fit-like-a-gloves from the ankle-wringers and toe-pinchers:

Fitness First in the way of Dance - Read More15/01/2013

We've finally come to terms with the fact that the season of indulgence is over and we need to get up, get motivated and get fit to lose those extra Christmas pounds and start the year off as we mean to go on. Apart from booking our summer holidays (see last week's blog) January is traditionally the time for new fitness ventures, detoxes and healthy living. All too often though the well-intentioned start to the year wanes somewhere around mid-February and by Easter we're surrounded by chocolate temptation and more celebration.

Bumper Monday - Read More07/01/2013

British Airways holidays recently coined the phrase "Bumper Monday", referring to Monday 7 January 2013, predicting this day to be the busiest of the year for holiday bookings.

Kizomba: A Beginners Guide - Read More19/12/2012

Kizomba is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, especially amongst salsa dancers, and most salsa weekends include some Kizomba classes and workshops. But where did this sensual dance and music style suddenly spring from? And why is it so popular now?

A Salsa Weekend - Read More13/12/2012

It’s cold and grey in November why Eastbourne? Not the first place to spring to mind for a weekend break. But add some salsa, tango or Zumba, a group of good friends and some good old fashioned partying and you have the recipe for a memorable weekend.

Brits Abroad - Read More27/11/2012

We recently visited Spain's (stunning) Costa Blanca after avoiding the Costas for many years in search of more "exotic" destinations, disillusioned with the "Brits Abroad" tag. But on this latest visit we couldn't help but notice that the Brits we came across were a whole new species.

An Iconic Ballroom - Read More20/11/2012

We recently spent an afternoon at Blackpool's Tower Ballroom and completely understand why Blackpool remains the dance epicentre of the North. If you haven't danced ballroom at the tower then you haven't danced ballroom.

The Zumba Massive - Read More13/11/2012

Zumba was launched just over ten years ago, in a bid to get us to "Ditch the workout and join the party".

The Origins of Tango - Read More06/11/2012

Guardian journalist Robert Elms summed up Buenos Aires as the heart of tango when he visited a few years ago: "This is the "tangopolis", a swaggering yet blue city obsessed with the wheezing melancholia of the accordion, and the blazing footwork of the dancers. If you really want to understand the complex psyche of the Argentinean capital, you have to know tango. If you really want to know tango, master its moves and more importantly its soul, you have to fly for 13 hours and immerse yourself in this big, disorientating southern town. But then what a town!"

A Match Made in Heaven - Read More27/10/2012

We've just launched a brand new Ski Jive holiday and want to talk about why ski and dance are the perfect partners. We don't mean shimmying down the slopes practising your salsa highlights or turning up to an evening freestyle dressed as Mariah Carey in THAT cringey snow-themed video. We mean combining adrenaline and alpine air by day with fun, freestyle dancing and apres-ski indulgence by night.

The Charm of Cuba - Read More22/10/2012

The first time I visited Cuba I had visions of palm tree lined dusty carriageways framed by faded billboards with the iconic faces of Che and Fidel, interrupted only by the slow progress of an occasional rattling old bus crammed with smiling school children in immaculate uniforms and salsa music blasting out from every street corner.

Salsa 1.0 - Just Make A Start with Club Dance Holidays - Read More03/09/2012

When you enter a salsa class for the very first time it can feel, to say the least, daunting. Apart from the unfamiliar Latin beats (which, as salsa gets you hooked, quickly replace your Adele and Robbie Williams in the car), the apparent expertise of everyone in the class except you might send you running for the door; believe me, we’ve been there.