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Line Dancing Holidays

Everyone’s tried it, and you know some of the songs already! But there’s a whole world of line dancing beyond the basics.

One of the most popular dance genres on the planet, you don’t have to be in to country and western to enjoy line dancing. The beauty of this dance is that it works with any music with a regular beat, from chart music to Latin, Irish, swing or big band. Line Dancing involves following a complex pattern of steps and there is no requirement for a partner, so this style is ideal for singles who are ready to take dancing seriously. Come alone or with your friends and family – by the end of a Club Dance line dancing holiday you’ll have made plenty of friends to return with.

Club Dance Line Dancing Holidays are more than just a holiday – they combine dance, music and plenty of fun to make for a truly fantastic getaway. Take up the opportunity to learn, explore and create lasting memories, all while indulging in your favourite activity – dancing!

Line dancing is different from most other forms of dancing as the dancers are, as you would expect, in lines and all step at the same time. This choreographed formation dance uses repeated step sequences to make the moves fun and easy to remember. If you can count, you can line dance! As everybody performs in unison, even if you miss a step you can catch right up.
Known as a fun and inclusive dance genre, the moves are the same for everybody regardless of gender and you don’t have the worry of letting your partner down or stepping on anyone’s toes.
You will be taught by the famous Maggie Gallagher and some guest teachers so you are sure to be in safe hands. Most importantly, your teachers are chosen to be as friendly and as passionate about dance as you are.

As the holiday goes on and you gain confidence in your steps, the intensity of the dance can be increased by adding more counts (steps to a musical beat) and walls (turning to face another direction), arm and hand movements and even facial expressions as part of the overall effect.

With a number of great locations across the globe to choose from, you can enjoy as much or as little of your surroundings as you wish. As well as a programme of dance classes, there are numerous activities you can indulge in – from day trips to local hangouts or nights out on the town. Club Dance Line Dancing Holidays let you make the most of your holiday and explore the great destinations at your fingertips. ??Line Dancing Holidays are available year-round, so you can dance any season in whichever destination you choose. And if you do start breaking a sweat, you can stop for a refreshing drink and hop back in to the dance when you’re ready. It’s that easy to step in and out of! Just remember to pack your dancing shoes.

Line Dance with Maggie G in Huelva 29/04/2023 - 06/05/2023

A fabulous and intensive Line Dance week with the legend that is Maggie Gallagher and guests

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